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Website development and digital marketing course
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Free Course

  • Understanding Website
  • Sales Essentials
  • Digital Marketing Essentials

Certified Web Professional

Strengthen your basics on web development and learn how to market your business.

50 Hours I Unlimited Access

What you will learn in this course

  • HTML, CSS and JAVA
  • UI/UX and graphic design
  • Networking and hosting techniques
  • Basic marketing and sales



Certified Web Developer

Take things up a notch and learn the skills required to create websites from scratch.

60 Hours I Unlimited Access

What you will learn in this course

  • Ajax, PHP, MySQL
  • Cloud concepts
  • WordPress CMS
  • Intermediate marketing and sales



Certified Web Architect

Master the art of making websites with the required business acumen.

90 Hours I Unlimited Access

What you will learn in this course

  • Python and advance database applications
  • Installing applications on servers
  • Cloud applications
  • Website optimisation
  • Advanced marketing and sales



Free Courses

Nothing comes for free, except a few courses designed by industry experts. Sign up and unlock access to

  • Understanding Websites
  • Sales Essentials
  • Digital Marketing Essentials

Programme Highlights

Byte-sized learning & specially designed content
Learn from the industry experts
Practice what you learn
Live project and assessment
Develop techno commercial acumen

Programme Details

Certified Web Professional
Certified Web Developer
Certified Web Architect
Certified Web Professional

HTML Basics

HTML Coding Essentials
Exploring an HTML Document
Formatting Content
Displaying images
Using nav, Article And Div Elements
Linking to Pages and downloadable
Creating List
Controlling styling (fonts, colours, and more)
Writing basic scripts
Formatting headings and paragraphs
Creating links to pages
Linking to a PDF or a Google Doc
Inserting your own images into an LMS
Embedding YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud media
Assessment 1


Reviewing CSS syntax
Reviewing simple selectors and attribute selectors
Using pseudo-class selectors and pseudo-element selectors
Reviewing the CSS box model
Adding a menu to your project
Using float, display, and position
Debugging CSS
Resetting stylesheets
Working with background images
Creating flexible and fluid layouts
Working with CSS using web developer tools
Overriding existing CSS
Assessment 2

Java Script

Writing and debugging JavaScript
Working with the DOM
Creating forms with JavaScript, including shopping carts
Using JavaScript to track dates and time
Creating maps with the Google Maps API
Assessment 3

Design Optimization

What is multidevice design?
Creating responsive web apps vs. native apps
Deciding which screen sizes to support
Delivering content across devices
Personalising content
Designing for touch
Using animation on touch devices
Planning your user flow across devices
Assessment 4

Handling Media

Understanding the differences in media formats
Preloading, autoplaying, and looping in HTML5
Setting a video’s width and height attributes
Displaying subtitles and captions
Generating embed code with an embed code builder
Encoding files using HandBrake, Firefogg, and VLC
Creating a load progress bar
Recognizing Android and iOS issues
Assessment 5

Handling Tools

Adobe Illustrator basics
Adobe Photoshop basics
Online themes, Plugins Widgets
WordPress templates
Assessment 6

Networking & Hosting

Networking basics
Server basics
Domain Services
Web Hosting
Website Builder
Security certificates and their implementation – (GoDaddy SSL)
Website Security
Office 365
Assessment 7

Project Work

HTML project
Scripting project
Building website using online tools
Building a responsive website
Hosting a website
Assessment 8


Introduction to Digital Marketing concepts
SEO basics
Basics Of Google AdWords
Optimising The AdWords Account
Content writing skills
Setting up email campaigns using CM / HTML 5
Email marketing using GoDaddy
Assessment 9


Website types & terminologies
Understanding Hosting Market
The Art of Pitching
Product Positioning
Pricing Models
Negotiation techniques
Structuring Sales proposals
Customer Service Concepts
Managing Customer
Automate Routine Tasks
Assessment 10

Certified Web Developer

Certified Web Professional Refresher

HTML essentials
CSS essentials
Scripting essentials
Handling Media
Handling online tools
Networking and Hosting concepts
Managing Customers Accounts
Assessment 1

Web Application With Ajax

Setting up your environment
Obtaining API keys
Working with XMLHttpRequest
Working with the Fetch API
Creating an Ajax request in jQuery
Working with data returned from a jQuery Ajax request
Using an Ajax request with React
Structuring Ajax requests
Assessment 2

Learning PHP

Introduction to PHP
Embedding PHP code on a page
Inserting code comments
Variables, strings, arrays, and Booleans
If, else, and elseif statements
While and for loops
User-defined functions
Function arguments and return values
Debugging and troubleshooting
General optimisation techniques and tools
PHP and Xdebug
Opcode cache
Optimisation In PHP
Upgrading PHP
Macro Vs. Micro Optimisation
HTTP Caching / Compression Techniques
Assessment 3


Database Foundation Course
Writing Queries
Creating and Updating database table
Using MySQL built-in Functions
Designing for touch
Sorting and filtering data
Updating tables With triggers
Working with subselects and views
Creating and using a stored function
Using PHP to access database tables
Creating, reading, updating, and deleting database records with PHP
Validating data
Assessment 4

Mastering WordPress

Creating posts and pages
Formatting text
Publishing and scheduling posts
Adding images, audio, and video
Bulk editing posts and pages
Customising themes and menus
Using widgets
Extending WordPress with plugins
Editing user profiles
Configuring settings
Getting new readers
Keeping WordPress up to date and secure
Managed WordPress
Assignment 5

Cloud Concept

Cloud architecture basics
Cloud storage, CPUs, and databases
Building your first architecture
Enterprise Hosting
Assessment 6

Project Work

Building an e-commerce website using PHP
Building an e-commerce website using word press
Building a news portal using word press
Building a subscription based portal
Assessment 7

Website + Marketing

Digital Marketing
Google Analytics & its application
Social Media marketing tools
Campaign management
Inventory management
Assessment 8


Business Skills Refresher
Cloud concept and business models
Customer management skills
Understand Pro Rewards & Loyalty Programs
Building & Service Proposal
Assessment 9

Certified Web Architect

Certified Web Development Refresher

Web Development with AJAX
PHP Essentials
Database Essentials
Cloud Infrastructure Essential
Handling WordPress
GoDaddy Pro Programe
Assessment 1

Learning Python

Installing Python
Choosing an Editor or IDE
Working With Variables And Expressions
Writing Loops
Using The Data, Time, and Datetime Classes
Reading & Writing Files
Fetching Internet Data
Parsing And processing Html
Advanced Python Function
Advanced Classes And Objects
Python Comprehension list Directory And Set
Assessement 2

Advance Database Applications

Creating a content management system
Building dynamic content navigation
Using context and function options for conditional
Hiding content from the public view
Insecure direct object reference
Allowing HTML in dynamic content
Previewing content in the public context
Working with cookies and sessions
Storing status messages in the session
Secure user authentication (login/logout)
Regulating page access
Nesting related resources
Managing an ordered list automatically
Strengths and weaknesses of MongoDB
Creating a database
Joining data sets
Combining two data collections
Searching a database
Creating records
CRUD operations
Reshaping data for calculations
Performing calculations
Assessment  3

Installing Application

Installing Apache on Windows
Working with PHP on Windows and macOS
Installing MySQL on Windows and macOS
Adding MySQL bin directory to the PATH
Starting and stopping Apache on macOS
Configuring personal site folders
Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Linux
Installing and managing WampServer
Defining WampServer directory aliases
Installing MAMP on macOS
Configuring Apache and MySQL server ports on MAMP
Assessment 4

Cloud Appplication

Microsoft Azure
Designing virtual machines
Selecting appropriate VM SKUs
Designing template deployment
Deploying ARM templates via PowerShell and CLI
Designing for availability
Designing Azure Virtual Networks
Azure VPN and ExpressRoute architecture and design
AWS cloud
Benefits of cloud services
Making architectures scalable
Examining cloud constraints
Virtual servers, EC2, and Elastic IP
Using the Amazon machine image
Elastic load balancing
Using CloudWatch for monitoring
Security Models
Elastic block storage
S3, CloudFront, and Elastic Beanstalk
Handling queues, workflows, and notifications
Caching options and services
Identity and access management
Creating a custom server image
Application deployment strategies
Serverless architectures
Dedicated Server Architectures
Assessmenet 5

Website Optimisations

Understanding website optimisation
Understanding how browsers render content
Measuring performance
Optimising images
Optimising code
Minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Compressing data with GZIP
Optimising file caching
Leveraging CDNs
Leveraging GD expert Services
Assessment 6

Project Work

Setting up a cloud infrastructure
Building a scalable database
Building a scalable and secure website
Assessment 7

Project Work

HTML project
Scripting project
Building website using online tools
Building a responsive website
Hosting a website
Assessment 8

Websites + Marketing

Digital Marketing Advance concepts
Integrated Campaign Thinking And Planning
Online Reputation Management
Monetising the inventory
Content Development
Assessment 8


Business Skills refresher
Cloud business model
Product Positioning – VPS / Dedicated Server
Service models – SaaS / PaaS / IaaS
Managed Services Concepts
Rev Share Contracts
Assessment 9