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About Us

About Us

A ssinfotech Education will push you beyond your intellectual Passions.
You will Delve deeply into the world of ideas.
You will Discover What inspires and Empowers You

Who we are

welcome you all in our Digital campus.We are in education last 15 years serving students in various educational support.

Now in this fast growing ,demand changing and digital era we offer courses in different disciplines to catalyst different educational ,technical ,traditional in support with fast growing market need and overall growth of academic,personality,social responsibility and giving a natural futuristic development of carrer.  

Jamshedpur  being one of the fastest growing cities in India has increasing demand for quality higher education in the region.

We have big offline campus as well as a digital campus that has  industry experience  teachers for offline and digital paltform.we have   home to the best-in-class infrastructure including state of the art research facilities and modern libraries. In line with Ssi college legacy of providing quality education to its students, the digital campus will also involve the latest in technology to impart education.


Ssi college offers world-class infrastructure, highly qualified and dedicated faculties and excellent environment for all educational need and intellectual growth.

We  focuses on comprehensive growth of the students, working on their hearts and minds by addressing to their academic, cultural, physical and social needs in an environment of continuous interaction and growth, conducive for the enrichment of mind and body. The faculty is fully committed to impart quality education by investing all its skills and knowledge. Ssi college endeavours not only to produce excellent  results but also to produce excellent and successful professionals.

Special emphasis is laid on communication skills,technical IT skill and personality development. The uniqueness of our curriculum and various programmes, lies in promoting a strong passion in the students – for all round excellence with perfection; for meeting the challenges head on with due emphasis on ethical and moral values through broad -based management skills. Ssi college produces knowledgeable young citizens capable of creating a better and prosperous India through inter-cultural understanding and respect.

In Ssi college, you would be constantly bumping into, interacting with and learning from students and faculty, from a wide range of disciplines from philosophy to physics, from medicine to music. Join us and be a part of a leading global digital educational hub which aims to equip and challenge our students to make a difference in a globalised world full of opportunities.

A very positive environment in which the students are automatically groomed in a highly cultured & disciplined manner.

International teaching methodology evolved through in-depth interaction with the leading professionals from the industry & corporate sector.

Unique personality grooming lectures that goes beyond the class room, encouraging students self development, building their leadership ability, communication & corporate skills.

We make education fun and set the target ultimate desire .


Mission to Achieve Goal

To provide a wide range of primary to higher education with a commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and research responsive to regional, national and international needs.

To identify young people with professional and entrepreneurial aspirations, talent and determination and trigger them off to become excellent leaders in their chosen pursuits, by imparting knowledge and developing in them, skills, insights, abilities, healthy habits and right thinking.

To give students new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions & equip them for accepting new challenges of the emerging global environment.

To assist students to discover their potentialities so that they get vigour to set the highest goal for the life & professional career & achieve them.

To train students to be successful & effective professionals by enhancing their knowledge, initiative, confidence & creativity towards fierce zeal of achieving result.

To develop students, personality & ability to formulate, structure, solve & analyze solutions to complex professional problems.

Thus, to be a centre of excellence in value oriented, socially and nationally relevant education by synthesizing Indian ethos and modern techniques, we want to be flexible enough to adapt to the changes and needs. We shall remain and maintain our striving towards excellence. We have set our own ethos and are propelled by the rules of quality, universal values and needs of the time.


Vision to Create Smile on everyone ‘s face

We believe that people can’t be taught but can only learn with that today all teacher and students are lerner . We facilitate learning by creating an enabling climate. Information can be shared, experiences can be shared, techniques can be mastered but learning has to take place within. Hence we want our students to be socially conscious, balanced, disciplined, compassionate, responsible and happy human beings first and then, inspiring leaders.

We want to transform students in a way so that they should be able to manage the resources with vision and concern and they can contribute some progress to the society.

We want to replace the word success with progress and progress with creation of new ideas,moral and respect to the environment .

Our Director Desk

Mrs Shanta Singh is the Director of the organisation who is her self M.phil in computer science and being in the eduction field last
15 years already asscociated with different top educational bodies ,involve in creating innovation in teaching methodologies for the betterment of teaching pattern and skill enhancement methodology.
Mrs Shanta Singh
Mrs Shanta Singh